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Fulcrum Strategies offers professional speaking services for conferences, meetings and more. Ron Howrigon has been speaking professionally since before founding Fulcrum Strategies. With 18 years of experience in the managed care industry, and 11 years as a physician consultant, Ron incorporates his experience on both sides of the negotiation table into his presentations, which are informative, engaging and entertaining. We are pleased to announce that our newest team member, Cindy Nyberg, will also be providing professional speaking services.

Some of the engagements in our speakers' portfolios include:

    Ron Howrigon
    President and Founder
  • Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)
  • Radiology Business Managers Association (RBMA)
  • Ohio Association of Rheumatology (OAR)
  • Ohio State Medical Society (OSMA)
  • Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC)
  • American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)
  • Coalition of Hematology and Oncology Practices (CHOP)
  • Cancer Care Business Summit
  • Bayer Pharmaceutical / ICPME - Business IQ
  • American Association of Orthopedic Executives (AAOE)
  • American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA)
  • Southern Oncology Association of Practices (SOAP)
  • Indiana Medical Group Managers Association (IMGMA)
  • Indiana Association of Orthopedic Executives (IAOE)
  • Indiana Oncology Society (IOS)
  • Georgia Association of Orthopedic Executives (GAOE)
  • Professional Association of Healthcare Office Management (PAHCOM)
  • Association of Otolaryngology Administrators (AOA)
  • Medical Office Managers Society of South Jersey 
  • Medical Group Managers Association (MGMA)
  • Southern Association of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology (SATRO)
  • The Arizona Clinical Oncology Society (TACOS)

Here is a list of our current speaking topics:

  • Dancing with the Devil: Negotiating with Managed Care Companies
  • Healthcare Evolution...or Revolution? Exploring the Shift from Fee for Service to Value-Based Approaches
  • Patient-Centered Healthcare: Improving the Patient Experience 
  • Reimbursement Trends in a Post-Healthcare-Reform World
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Population Health Management
  • To Be Par or Not to Be Par, That Is The Question
  • Strategic and Tactical Practice Management
  • Physicians vs. Managed Care
  • Pay-for-Performance and Tiered Networks

Upcoming Speaking Engagements for 2016.  View our FS Speaking Packet. 

Here’s what others are saying about Ron Howrigon and his presentations:

"Ron Howrigon has presented at the ACEP Reimbursement Conference for the past three years, earning exceptional evaluations. He is an excellent speaker, offering the payer side perspective in contract negotiations that is very helpful for emergency physicians in understanding that process."

David McKenzie, Reimbursement Director,  American College of Emergency Physicians

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