Physician Outreach

Fulcrum Strategies' Physician Outreach Program was developed to assist specialty physicians in directly connecting with the referring physician community. Similar to a pharmaceutical rep, a Fulcrum Strategies representative visits referring physicians' offices in your county or surrounding area. Armed with your practice’s marketing collateral, this person essentially serves as a liaison between your practice and the referring physician community. Your representative meets face-to-face with office managers, referral coordinators, and even physicians to ask them specific questions about their referral patterns. Your representative gathers important data to determine if the practice is currently referring or if they have encountered any problems with the referral process.

Wouldn't it be nice to know where your referrals come from? Now you can!

All issues and problems uncovered during these visits are documented in a formal report, which is submitted to your practice as often as you like. If during these visits, the office managers and referral coordinators do not wish to talk, your representative simply drops off your marketing materials at the front desk and politely asks them to call with any questions or concerns. This is a program that helps to resolve communication barriers between specialty physicians and their referral base. We have found that referring physicians are pleased to know that the specialty practice cares enough about their referrals to personally check in. We simply can't overemphasize the value our clients have experienced from the Physician Outreach Program. Physician Outreach includes research and analysis about your specific market, consultation on effective marketing collateral, a dedicated marketing representative to make in-person contact with referring and potentially referring practices, and complete reports on all issues and findings. If you'd like to remain competitive in your market, Physician Outreach is the way to do just that.

Program Benefits:

  • Market research
  • Dedicated marketing representative
  • Face-to-face representation
  • Marketing materials delivered to local practices
  • Issue tracking and periodic reporting
  • Final Executive Summary upon completion of the program

Client Testimonial
"We were amazed at the immediate benefit we received from this program. In less than six months, we not only knew more about the practices that referred to us, but we were able to uncover and resolve some very important customer service issues that were preventing several practices from referring to us. My only regret is that we didn't do this years ago!"

Steve Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Raleigh Neurology Associates

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