Dustin Clark

Dustin Clark, Fulcrum Strategies

Vice President, COO

Dustin Clark is Vice President and COO of Fulcrum Strategies. Dustin has 14 years of experience in the managed care industry. Nearly all of those years were spent working in Provider Network Management, specializing in information systems and data administration. Dustin has served in health plans from Utah and New Mexico in the west, to North Carolina in the east, working in traditional HMO and PPO environments, as well as a staff-model system. In 1996, Dustin began his career in Salt Lake City with CIGNA HealthCare of Utah as an entry-level assistant. Within a year, he was active in nearly all departments: clinical record review, member communications, preparation of sales documents, and support to the Provider Relations team.

After being with CIGNA just over one year, Dustin was promoted to Database Administrator for the Network Management department at Lovelace Health Systems in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lovelace was a CIGNA staff-model system incorporating a large hospital and physician network with the health plan. During his tenure, Dustin was responsible for building, integrating and maintaining data systems used by health plan and delivery system staff. Dustin was also responsible for overseeing the interpretation of physician and hospital contracts for installation on Lovelace’s claim payment systems. In the spring of 1999, Dustin transferred to CIGNA HealthCare of North Carolina in Raleigh. At the time, the North Carolina plan was the largest CIGNA HMO in the country. He continued his work with data management in the Provider Relations and Contracting department, with emphasis on contract and rate installation across five separate claim engines. In 2000, Dustin was promoted to Contract Implementation Manager, with responsibility for the systematic interpretation of the plan’s most complex contracts. In 2001, he was a major factor in the migration of data from the historic claims payment systems used by CIGNA, to a completely new platform.

By 2003, as Assistant Director of Network Management, Dustin managed the entire provider data and contract loading team for North Carolina, while continuing to develop new methods to improve the management of data for CIGNA. When Dustin left CIGNA HealthCare at the end of 2005, he had managed all aspects relating to hospital and ancillary contract installation, and facility data management for North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.